2018 Summit

Artificial Intelligence in Environmental Health Science and Decision Making


Thursday Afternoon, October 18
Noon-1 pm    Registration
1-5 pm            Brief welcome followed by BayesiaLab seminar

Friday, October 19
8-8:30              Registration
8:30-8:40         Brief Opening
8:40-9:45         Opening Plenaries (Tom Dietterich and Paul Whaley)
9:45-10:00       Break
10-11:45          5 Case Studies Addressing Key Questions (15-20 minutes each)
11:45-1:00       Lunch
1:00-3:00         2 to 3 Breakout Sessions further answering all these questions and developing some recommendations
3:00-3:45         Share Findings back in Auditorium
3:45-4:00         Conclusion

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Updated as event nears

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