The Research Triangle area of North Carolina is unique with respect to the number of world-class organizations focused on environmental health research and policy. Given the outstanding depth and breadth of environmental health expertise in academia, government institutions, non-profit foundations, and private businesses in the area, the Research Triangle has become the epicenter of contemporary thinking about environmental health.

To take advantage of these intellectual resources, the Research Triangle Environmental Health Collaborative (the Collaborative) has been established as a non-profit 501c3 organization. The Collaborative supports a united environmental health resource that connects organizations and institutions; links research and policy; and joins government, academia, industry and public interest groups to mutually consider, discuss and debate the future of environmental health on a state, regional, national and international level. It provides a neutral forum to host candid discussions and to provide advice on the most significant issues facing environmental health and related public policy. The goal is to create partnerships to enhance global environmental health.