Research Triangle Region

The Research Triangle Region of North Carolina – home of The Research Triangle Park – is one of the most dynamic and globally competitive regions in the world.

The region boasts an innovation-based economy that supports growth and expansion of companies at every stage, from start up to global corporation — including environmental health.

The Research Triangle Region offers:

  • Research, education and engagement by three of the nation’s top research universities – Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Extensive resources and networks supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.
  • Intellectual capacity and lifelong education – 47 percent of adults hold a college degree.
  • More than $2 billion in annual research and development conducted at regional universities, federal labs and contract research companies.
  • Focused workforce development to support targeted clusters.
  • Pro-business climate with a competitive cost of doing business and living.
  • Existing and supported technology clusters creating tomorrow’s products, processes and services.
  • Internationally recognized quality of life.
  • Diverse people, communities and lifestyles.
  • Businesses, governments and academia collaborating for success.

One of the oldest and largest science parks in North America, The Research Triangle Park (RTP) is a 7,000 acre development that is home to more than 170 companies employing over 42,000 full-time knowledge workers and an estimated 10,000 contract employees. Located at the core of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary CSA (Combined Statistical Area), RTP is a globally prominent high-technology research and development center that serves as an economic driver for the region.

RTP is home to a broad spectrum of companies — from Fortune 100 multinational research and development operations, to university spin-outs and start-up operations. In addition, a number of U.S. federal agencies have a presence in the Park.

Of the several hundred research and science parks operating in the United States today, RTP is the oldest continuously operating one, ranked among the largest and successfully growing parks globally.

RTP has been and continues to be a model for innovation, education, and economic development that has been applied around the world. It is home to winners of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes, as well as recipients of the U.S. Presidential Award and National Science Foundation Awards. Some of the most profound discoveries of the 20th century have been influenced by scientists and researchers working in RTP, including the invention of the Universal Product Code and 3D ultrasound technology.