10th Summit on October 30-31: Getting from Good Science to Good Decisions

Martin Armes, Tuesday, August 01, 2017

10th Annual Summit

When Facts Are Not Enough: Getting from Good Science to Good Decisions in a New Age of Environmental Health Science
October 30-31, 2017 at NC Biotech Center

The field of environmental health science is producing some of the most advanced, evidence-based, and application-driven research and information in its history. But science is a tool, and as such is only effective when used. Challenges (both old and new) that affect the understanding, translation, credibility, and value of science increasingly are impeding society’s ability to apply it to solving complex problems or using it to inform good decisions for the public’s health. Because of this, the ultimate benefit of environmental health science may not be fully realized. This workshop will explore issues surrounding the conduct and use of environmental health research, from a variety of perspectives both internal and external to the field, and consider practical ideas on ways for the environmental health science enterprise to adapt to changing times, create greater understanding of its value, and ensure its continued use for the public good.

Confirmed speakers:
UNC Chancellor Carol Folt
Congressman David Price
RTI President and CEO Wayne Holden

More details forthcoming.

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