Martin Armes, Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A burgeoning federal interagency working group (involving 18 different agencies) is currently focused on Exposure Science in 21st Century. Specifically, there are five topic areas of interest, including community engagement and citizen science to improve the real-time understanding of what is taking place.

The November 4-5 event (Exposure Science in 21st Century: Role of Citizens and Communities being held at the NC Biotech Center) will bring a critical local, community, state and industry dimension to further support the interagency efforts. Like this six previous Environmental Health Summits convened by The Collaborative, the goal is generating a work product with meaningful and actionable recommendations generated by work groups focused on Technology, Big Data and Risk Communications.

Learn more about the invitation-only event by contacting Martin Armes (martinarmes AT nc.rr.com).

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