Work Groups

Subject to change

Work Group 1: Policies That Could Prevent/Reduce Environmental Impacts on Health & Healthcare System (Congressional Room)

Facilitator: Marci DuPraw
Chair: Ned Brooks
Rapporteur/Spokesperson: Bill Ross
Powerpoint Scribes: Susan Stone/Steve Wing
Flip Chart Recorder: Rich Cohn
Note Recording Leaders: Sarah Bunk (supported by Raju Prasad)

Pete Andrews, UNC-Chapel Hill
Ned Brooks, UNC-Chapel Hill
Sarah Bunk, UNC-Chapel Hill
Steve Cline, NC Office of Health Information Technology
Rich Cohn, SRA International
Gene Conti, NC Department of Transportation
Allen Dearry, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Marci DuPraw, SRA International
Alex Elkan, Brooks Pierce
Victor Flatt, UNC School of Law
Claude Hughes, Quintiles
Ruth Lunn, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Fawn Pattison, Toxic Free North Carolina
Raju Prasad, UNC-Chapel Hill
Bill Ross, Duke Nicholas School/Comprehensive Cancer Center
Steve Smith, NC Environmental Management Commission
Susan Stone, EPA
Rosemary Summers, Orange County Health Department
Chandra Taylor, Southern Environmental Law Center
Richard Whisnant, UNC-Chapel Hill
Steve Wing, UNC-Chapel Hill

Work Group 2: Research/Analytical Tools to Support Existing Policy or Policy Changes to Reduce Environmental Impacts on Human Health & Healthcare System (Board of Directors Room Upstairs)

Facilitator: Diane Craver
Chair: Gwen Collman
Rapporteur/Spokesperson: Marie Lynn Miranda
Powerpoint Scribes: Bryan Hubbell/Jackie MacDonald/Kara Vonasek
Flip Chart Recorder: TBD
Note Recording Leaders: Chris Trent (supported by Esteban Oyarzaba)

Michael Aitken, UNC-Chapel Hill
Larry Band, UNC-Chapel Hill
Gwen Collman, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Diane Craver, Spring Forward
Devon Hall, REACH
Chris Heaney, UNC-Chapel Hill
Don Horstein, UNC School of Law
Bryan Hubbell, EPA
Jim Johnson, UNC Kenan Flagler Business School
Greg Kearney, CDC
Suzanne Lea, ECU Public Health
Danelle Lobdell, EPA
Carol Mansfield, RTI International
Donald Mattison, NIH National Institute of Child Health & Human Development
Jackie MacDonald Gibson, UNC-Chapel Hill
Marie Lynn Miranda, Duke
Lee Rivers Mobley, RTI International
Carmen Hooker Odom, Milbank Memorial Fund
Esteban Oyarzaba, UNC-Chapel Hill
Hetal Patel, East Carolina University
Terry Pierce, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Mustafa Selim, East Carolina University
Tim Wade, EPA
Bill Wheaton, RTI International
Kara Vonasek, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Work Group 3: Outreach, Education & Mobilization About Impact of Environmental Quality on Human Health and Healthcare System (Presidents Room Upstairs)

Facilitator: Maria Placht
Chair: Pam Silberman
Rapporteur/Spokesperson:Jay Levine
Powerpoint Scribes: Kathy Shea/Lada Kochtcheeva/Omega Wilson
Flip Chart Recorder: Steve Wiley
Note Recording Leaders: Chris Davidson (supported by Aimee Rowe)

Dothula Barron-Hall, REACH
Chris Davidson, UNC-Chapel Hill
Robert Ferguson, Quarry Communications
Susan Jakes, NC State
Sarah Kirby, NC State
Lada Kochtcheeva, NC State
Sarah Langer, Institute for Emerging Issues
Jay Levine, NC State
Maria Placht, US Army Corps of Engineers
Meg Richards, PPD
Matthew Rosenbaum, East Carolina University
Aimee Rowe, UNC-Chapel Hill
Maria Savasta-Kennedy, UNC School of Law
Katherine Shea, UNC-Chapel Hill
Pam Silberman, NC Institute of Medicine
Kathryn Spatz, Town of Davidson
Nicole Stewart, NC Conversation Network
Tim Struttmann, SRA International
Marian Swinker, East Carolina University
Steve Wiley, SRA International
Omega Wilson, West End Revitalization Association

Summit Supporters

SRA International

RTI International

Environmental Protection Agency

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University

North Carolina State University

Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

UNC School of Medicine

UNC Sheps Center for Health Services Research

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

North Carolina Division of Public Health

Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina

The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences

North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Fleishman Hillard International Communications

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